Providing Podiatrists & Healthcare Professionals With Custom Fabrication of Orthotic & Prosthetics

About Empire Orthotics

We are an orthotic and prosthetic lab servicing podiatrist all over the nation. We are proud of our high quality devices and excellent customer service as well as competitive prices. We would love the opportunity to add your practice to our long list of satisfied clients.

$45/Pair Custom High Quality Durable Orthotics

We provide high quality and durable devices. Our orthotics are made custom for each patient using state of the art and sophisticated machinery and innovation. Pricing may vary for complex and digitally scanned orders.

1 Week Turnaround Time

We pride ourselves for being well staffed and well equipped for making production time of our devices within 2-4 business days and getting your finished ordered back in an expedited manner.

Free Shipping and Handling

We service providers throughout the country and provide free pickup and drop off with courier service in NY and NJ as well as free shipping of finished orthotics to anywhere in the USA. Some limitations apply. Call us for more details!

We accept
all forms of casting

including iPhone/iPad and Structure sensor scanning as well as plaster/foam casts.

What sets us apart and above all other labs?


Unchanged Price

Unlike all our competitors, our low prices are unbeatable and unchanged throughout the years we have been operating, even during Covid and high inflation years.



Our quality and durability is among the best in the nation. Low price plus high quality equals an unbeatable service.


FAST Turnaround Time

Combine great price with quality and 1 week turnaround time and you have a no brainer unbeatable custom orthotic and AFO manufacturing lab!

What Clients Say

How to Get Started

Getting started is as simple as contacting us and providing account setup form and you can begin to send in your casts immediately. You can also contact our office for a starter package which includes custom Work Order forms, account setup form, shipping labels, and samples (when available).