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Custom Fabricated Orthotics

Custom Fabricated AFO

Custom Fabricated Orthotics

Our custom fabricated orthotics are made skillfully with attention to detail. We provide several different top covers, postings, and all and any modifications that you may need for your patients. Our orthotics are made intrinsically as a default unless extrinsic heel posts are requested. Our orthotics and components can be mixed and matched using several different rigidities, styles, stop covers, extensions, and modifications. Our deep heel cup shells are a minimum of 10mm deep heel depth.

Sport Deep Heel Cup with Multi Cover EVA and Heel Posts

This orthotic uses polypropylene standard rigidity deep heel cup with the addition of extrinsic heel posts which helps give more stability for the ankle join and overall sturdiness. It is recommended to use extrinsic heel posts with sneakers or extra depth heel shoes.

Sport Deep Heel Cup with Leather Top Cover

This is an intrinsic deep heel cup with leather (which automatically includes 1/8 inch padding) and is a very popular orthotic.

GLOBE: Top cover Spenco & Plastazote; Bottom Cover Poron with Leather

The “Globe” orthotic is one of our most popular devices which is extra thick with several layers of cushioning. This device is meant for patents who stand a lot throughout the day as well as Diabetic patients – it provides arch support with sport or semi-flex shell while providing ample cushion and protection for sensitive Diabetic fee. This is best paired with sneakers, boots, or extra depth shoes.

Dress, leather w/o padding in Sulcus Length

Out dress orthotics are made in a narrow fashion for either men’s or women’s dress shoes. This is best ordered with leather w/o padding top cover and met head/sulcus extension.

Sport with MultiColor EVA in Sulcus and Full Length

Our multicolor eva top cover is a favorite for kids and adults alike. It is soft and great alternative to leather or Spenco.

Sport Deep Heel Orthotic with Our perforated EVA in Full Length

This orthotic showcases our popular perforated EVA which allows for more air and breathing of the foot. The deep heel aspect of this device helps with control stability of the ankle. This device can also be made in MetHead or Sulcus extensions.

Diabetic Full Toe-Filler

Diabetic Partial Toe-Filler

Our expert technicians and orthotists are skilled and experienced in the art of making perfect fitting toe fillers without the need of future or ongoing adjustments. These orthotics do not contain a hard shell and are made using combination of EVA and Plastazote materials. It is always best to send in the patient’s shoes along with the cast so that the toe filler can be fitted to that particular pair of shoes.

Kids Deep Heel with Multi-color EVA

Kids require in many cases deep heel cup orthotics that have a perfect fit to the shape of the foot to provide arch support as well as correct foot/ankle alignment for better growth and walking. Depending on the type of shoes and if a varus or valgus posting is necessary, a podiatrist can determine the need for extrinsic heel posting.

Kids Gate Plate with Multi-color EVA

SemiFlex with MetPads & Spenco Top Cover

Sport With Leather and Heel Post, Full-Length

SemiFlex Leather w/o padding; MetHead Length

Custom Fabricated Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

Our custom fabricated AFOs are made by our skilled technicians and orthotists. Our AFOs are made the right way the fist time minimizing any future modifications of adjustments. We use the most appropriate materials for the structure of the braces with patient size and weight in mind to provide the best suitable rigidity/stability. Our AFOs all have a thin inner lining of foam for comfort with the option of black or white plastic. In many cases, we also provide the option of making the braces in a “low-profile” manner.

Hinged AFO with 90° Stop

Our hinged AFOs with a 90 degree stop use Tamarack or pinned joint and provide great and strong medial and lateral support and stability for patients while providing a smooth and soft padded inner surface. This device presents plantarflexion while allowing for controlled dorsiflexion.

Hinged Articulating AFO

Hinged Articulating AFO with Dorsi Assist Hinges

Hinged Articulating AFO (Low Profile/Stirrup)

Our Hinged AFO is one of the most common custom braces we manufacture. These braces are made in a more bulky/sturdy fashion, as well as as using dorsiflex Tamarack hinges, or using the most common and low-profile method- “stirrups” on the medial and lateral sides of the leg- which provide easy dorsi and plantarflexion of the ankle.

Solids AFO Regular

Solid AFO Low Profile

Solid AFOs are used for patient with Drop Foot, excessive pronation, or gait instability. These braces provide maximum support.

Leather Type Solid AFO

Similar to our regular solid AFO, this brace is enclosed in leather inside and out and gives the same benefits of the solid afo with the addition/comfort of more cushion/leather. This device comes with option of laces or Velcro straps. This brace is considerably more bulky and is generally used when the patient has familiarity with it and is ok with the thinness of this brace.

Kids SMO

SMO (Supramalleolar Orthosis) are similar to AFOs but they do not extend past the ankle bone. SMOs are utilized by kids who pronate, toe walk, Intoe, and have instability in the foot/ankle. SMOs are designed to provide neutral/vertical alignment of the heel and ankle while providing arch support. When used properly SMOs are one of the most effective devices that are prescribed for kids.

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